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Dupeakya Professional Diamond Tester & Gem Tester Pen Review 2023

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Do you have a fascination for jewellery and gemstones but always find yourself worrying about their authenticity? If so, the Dupeakya Professional Diamond Tester is here to put your mind at ease. This revolutionary gem tester pen is a portable electronic device specially designed to distinguish real diamonds from other simulated stones, providing accurate and reliable results every single time.

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Dupeakya Diamond Tester Review 2023

The Dupeakya Diamond Tester is an electronic instrument meticulously crafted based on the thermal conductivity of diamonds. Its primary purpose is to identify the authenticity of diamonds and other precious stones, making it an essential tool for gem enthusiasts, jewelry professionals, and consumers alike. With this incredible device, you can bid farewell to uncertainty and ensure the true value of your precious gemstones.

Swift and Precise Performance

One of the standout features of the Dupeakya Diamond Tester is its exceptional speed and accuracy. With just a few simple steps, users can obtain reliable results quickly. Its efficient design allows for swift diamond testing, making it a valuable companion for both professionals and hobbyists in the world of gemology.


The Dupeakya Diamond Tester is not limited to diamonds alone. It serves as an excellent tool kit for examining various gemstones, including sapphire, ruby, crystal, agate, and more. Whether you’re dealing with exposed or inlaid diamonds and gems, or even other jewelry and precious metal items, this versatile device can handle them all with ease and precision.

Voice Instructions and Audible Signals

Another noteworthy feature of the Dupeakya Diamond Tester is its intelligent system, which includes voice instructions and audible sounds. When the lights are activated, the device emits distinct signals. This advanced feature assists users in distinguishing between authentic gemstones and ordinary masonry, ensuring you can easily identify genuine diamonds from other simulated stones.


Practicality is a key aspect of the Dupeakya Diamond Tester’s design. The compact and portable electronic device can fit into any wallet or backpack, making it convenient for gem testing on the go. Its user-friendly operation ensures that anyone can use the device effectively regardless of expertise.

Accurate Results

Users must follow a straightforward process to achieve accurate results with the Dupeakya Diamond Tester. Ensure that the tip of the tester is perpendicular to the test stone, then press the switch. This simple action yields precise readings, giving you the confidence you need when dealing with gemstone assessments.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Dupeakya Diamond Tester

  • Insert a 9V battery (not included) and remove the probe cap.
  • Turn on the switch, and the power indicator will light up. Wait a few seconds for the probe to heat until another indicator illuminates.
  • If you are testing a diamond, turn on the number of lights corresponding to the indoor temperature and diamond weight.
  • For testing other gems, it is advisable to calibrate the probe before proceeding. The calibration method involves placing the probe vertically on a piece of glass, adjusting the light to 5, and then placing the probe on the gemstone to test.

Analyzing the Test Results

Interpreting the test results is a crucial step in understanding the authenticity of the gemstone:

  • If the lights exceed or equal to 9 and produce sounds, it indicates a true diamond.
  • It is not a diamond if the lights are less than 9 and no sounds are produced.
  • Light values of 7 or 8 correspond to a true crystal.
  • Light values of 6 or 7 indicate a true jade.
  • Light values of 4 or 5 suggest the gem is made of glass.

Conclusion: Dupeakya Professional Diamond Tester is an invaluable addition to gem enthusiasts and professionals’ toolkit. With its quick, precise, and safe diamond testing capabilities and ability to handle various gemstones and jewellery items, this portable electronic device is a reliable companion in the world of gemology. Whether you’re a seasoned jewellery expert, a passionate collector, or a curious enthusiast, the Dupeakya Diamond Tester empowers you to make informed decisions and appreciate your precious gemstones’ true beauty and authenticity. Embrace the world of gemology with confidence and let the Dupeakya Diamond Tester unveil the mysteries of your gemstone collection.

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