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Diamond Selector II : High Accuracy Professional Diamond Tester Pen Review 2023

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Welcome to the world of gemology with the Diamond Selector II, an advanced and accurate professional diamond tester pen suitable for both newcomers and seasoned experts. Unlock the secrets of gemstones effortlessly, as this remarkable tool helps you distinguish between genuine diamonds and imitations, offering quick, precise, and safe diamond testing.

Diamond Selector II Review & Unique Features :

User-Friendly Design :

The Diamond Selector II is ingeniously designed with an intuitive LCD display and LED indicator, making the testing process a breeze. Whether you’re an experienced gemologist or a curious enthusiast, this pen caters to all skill levels. The large and small switches cater to your preferences, and audible sounds accompany the readings, ensuring you obtain accurate results without any confusion.


You don’t have to be a professional jeweller to operate the Hqdz Diamond Tester Pen. Its user-friendly design empowers everyone to achieve reliable results without any complications. Switch on the Diamond Tester Pen detector, lightly place the tip on the gemstone, and let the magic unfold. If the stone is fake or a mere crystal, the tester will remain silent, giving you the confidence to identify genuine diamonds with ease.

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Best Companion

Gem enthusiasts and professionals alike have discovered a reliable companion in the Diamond Selector II. Its high accuracy consistently tests positive for real diamonds, making it a cost-effective choice for identifying diamonds without investing in expensive alternatives.

Summary :

Whether you’re a seasoned gem enthusiast, a jewelry professional, or someone seeking to validate the authenticity of precious stones, the Diamond Selector II is your ideal tool. Embark on a gemological adventure with confidence and let the Diamond Selector II unveil the mysteries of your gemstone collection. Refrain from uncertainty; rely on the precision and simplicity of the Diamond Selector II to make informed decisions and embrace the true beauty of genuine diamonds.

How to Test Diamonds with Diamond Selector II

  1. Turn on the switch and ensure only one light is illuminated on the scale.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the probe to heat up until the “Lamp on ready OK” signal.
  3. If known, Adjust the lights to match the indoor temperature and diamond weight. If uncertain, set four lights on the scale.
  4. Commence testing the diamond, without the need to adjust any switches.
  5. Use the diamond discriminator probe to make a 90-degree contact with the measured object and observe the indicator light changes.
  6. Apply force to ensure the probe fully touches the diamond surface.
  7. Repeat the second step to achieve accurate testing if the first attempt fails.

With the Diamond Selector II as your guide, venture into the enchanting world of gemstones, uncovering the brilliance of genuine diamonds with every test. Let this sophisticated and reliable tool be your key to embracing the captivating realm of gemology with unwavering confidence.

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