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Spice Grinder Buying Guide

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It’s true that spice grinders are basic in appearance and design, however this doesn’t mean they’re not basic tools. They can be utilized for much more than grinding spices. They can also be used in a myriad of tasks. This is why we decided to write this post. Our goal was to not just assist our readers in finding the top spice grinders that meet their needs, but also to show them about the different uses of these grinders, too. In light of all this let’s get right into this article and begin with the things our readers need to consider when deciding on the most suitable kitchen spice mill for the kitchen.

Spice Grinder Buying Guide

Choosing The Best Spice Grinder

Let’s begin our discussion about spice grinders by taking a look at the things consumers need to look for when selecting the best spice grinder. Let’s review some tips prior to exploring other possibilities grinders are used for, other that grinding spice.

Consider The Spice Grinder Blades

The next thing that a customer will want to think about is the blades of your spice mill. With these kinds of grinders, the user generally has two options in terms of grinder blades that are conical burr blades as well as flat blades. In general conical burr blades perform the best job in grinding spices, while flat blades are generally available on lesser spice grinders.

Consider Capacity

If a consumer plans to make use of the grinder to grind spices, then they’ll likely require an affluent model.┬áBut, if a consumer decides to make use of the grinder for grinding coffee, or for other purposes and other things, then the user is likely to think about purchasing a bigger grinder.

Manual vs. Electric

The electric spice mills work fantastic for processing spices quickly especially in larger quantities however they do consume counter as well as storage. Naturally, they require electricity. They’re the most suitable option if you wish to put in less effort or strain with manual control. If you’re limited in space or don’t want for more grinding than a couple of spoonfuls of spices, you should consider an manual model instead. The benefit for manual grinding is they’re smaller, easier to use, and are available with a price that is affordable.

Ease of Cleaning

We made sure to check the ease of clean these grinders, and note any ridges that appear on the inside part of the machine. If spice dust became stuck or was accumulating in the interior, we took it into the evaluation. Take a look at the grinding blades and also. If the pieces can be separated, it’ll allow for more easy to access them and also clean. The manual grinders will be more likely be cleaned faster because they can be put into the dishwasher. For grinders that use electricity We found that washing them with a cloth or a sponge was the most effective method.

What Other Things Can Spice Grinders Be Used For?

The most frequently-asked concerns about spice grinders we get is about other applications they are suited to do. We have the answer to this question and are able to share it with every one of our readers. The following examples prove the fact that grinders for spices are an essential kitchen appliance that everybody should use, regardless of whether you grind your own spices or buy already-ground spices that are available in stores.

Grinding Sea Salt

A trend that’s seen a rise in popularity over during the past few years is consumers buying salt from the sea or pink in large quantities and mixing it up in their spice mill together with spices or herbs. This is a fantastic way to make a seasoning salt that is suitable to enhance the flavor of meat.

Grinding Flaxseeds

Many individuals are replacing flax seed into their diet. Why would they not? They’re packed with tons of nutrients. They’re rich in fiber, Omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. The issue in incorporating them into cereal or oatmeal, however it’s because they can be difficult to chew. However, they can be crushed in a spice mill and later added to food items.

Grinding Rice

Another reason to use spice grinders is using them to mill rice. Why do you grind rice? The reason is that rice is pulverized to be transformed into flour from rice. The rice flour can be a non-gluten substitute to wheat flour, which is becoming more popular and taking advantage of. Naturally, one could buy an industrial grain mill to crush rice, however they tend to be more expensive.

Grinding Poppy Seeds

Many people are starting to grind poppy seeds in order to add a touch of the nutty taste to their dishes. While poppy seeds are a bit difficult to grind due because of their small dimensions, a good spice grinder can do the task quickly and effortlessly.

Grinding Dried Insects

Although dried insects may not be the most popular option for your menu However, many people are discovering that adding insects ground into their meals can provide protein without boosting the calories. While it’s not the best option for all, but for those who would like to try this out, a spice grinder is a great choice to accomplish this.

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