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10 Best Diamond Tester 2023 to Buy Online

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A diamond tester is a portable device that differentiates diamonds from other types of gemstones, including simulants such as cubic zirconia and moissanite. Its primary use is to ensure that a stone claimed to be a diamond is not a fake or imitation. Diamond testers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from compact, pen-like devices to larger, more sophisticated machines.

On this page we are going to list out all the best selling and top rated Diamond testers. We will try to include budget friendly and high efficient Diamonds testers in the list.

10 Top & Best Diamond Tester 2023

HMKIS Diamond Tester Pen

The HMKIS Diamond Tester Pen is a high-accuracy jewellery testing device to discern real diamonds. When the pen comes in contact with a real diamond, it emits sounds and lights registering above 9. The device features an intuitive design; however, when it comes to fake crystals such as cubic zirconium (CZ), crystal, or glass, there are no sounds, and the light emitted is less than 9.

The diamond selector tester is built for speedy, accurate, and safe diamond assessment without causing any harm to the diamonds being tested. It comes with an added feature of 60X LED magnification powered by batteries, functioning as a small microscope. This feature proves particularly useful in inspecting various items, including gems, coins, antiques, and stamps.

My recent purchase of the HMKIS Diamond Tester Pen, alongside the 60X Mini LED Magnifying glass, was made to precisely evaluate the genuineness of diamonds and gemstones. Although it offers decent functionality, there are some limitations that hinder it from attaining a top rating.

The tester pen’s compact size and ease of use make it a positive addition. Based on thermal conductivity, it swiftly indicates the likelihood of a stone being a real diamond or a fake. The results are conveniently represented via LED lights, which makes reading and interpreting them a simple task. This could be beneficial for those new to the realm of gemstone testing.

The package also includes a 60X Mini LED Magnifying glass, a beneficial tool for thoroughly examining stones. It delivers reasonable magnification, aiding in detecting any imperfections or inclusions in the gemstones.

One of the main advantages is the speed at which this tester verifies diamonds, eliminating the need for a traditional loupe. I had some success in identifying counterfeit jewellery that was purported to be genuine. This led to an awkward situation when we confronted the giver of the items.

The HMKIS Diamond Tester Pen proves to be a practical investment, especially when you have an extensive collection of old jewellery to sift through. The surprises it can reveal are remarkable. The tester operates efficiently when used per the instructions, and I haven’t encountered any issues. Learning about the different types of meters is advisable to make the most of this tool.

HMJOY Diamond Tester

HMJOY Diamond Tester is a versatile pen that can identify various gemstones, including diamond, glass, sapphire, ruby, crystal, and agate. However, it is not suitable for testing metals.

To test a real diamond, the diamond tester will emit a beeping sound and have lights with a value of 9 or higher. On the other hand, fake crystals like cubic zirconium (CZ), crystal, or glass will not produce any sounds, and their lights will be below 9.

Before each use, it is essential to initialize the setup by ensuring all four lights illuminate on the scale when turning on the tester pen. This step provides accurate results.

The diamond selector tester is designed for fast, precise, and safe diamond testing without causing any harm to the diamonds themselves.

Interpreting the results: If the lights on the tester show a value of 9 or higher and produce sounds, the tested gemstone is a genuine diamond. If the lights are below nine and there are no sounds, it indicates that the tried stone is not a diamond. Light values of 7 or 8 correspond to true crystal, 6 or 7 to genuine jade, and 4 or 5 to glass. Metal should not be tested with this pen, and it is recommended not to wear gloves during testing. Additionally, it’s worth noting that a moissanite tester can distinguish moissanite, which is not a diamond.

Without a second thought we recommend you to buy this diamond tester if you couldn’t afford high cost diamond tester.

Dupeakya Professional Diamond Tester, Gem Tester Pen

Dupeakya Professional Diamond Tester is a revolutionary gem tester pen that brings precision and ease to jewellery and gemstone testing. This portable electronic device is specially designed to distinguish between real diamonds and other simulated stones, providing accurate and reliable results with every test.

The primary purpose of the Dupeakya Diamond Tester is to identify authentic diamonds from their imitations, which can be essential for gem enthusiasts, jewellery professionals, and consumers alike. It eliminates uncertainty and helps ensure the value and authenticity of precious gemstones.

One of the standout features of this gem tester is its quick and precise performance. With just a few simple steps, users can obtain reliable results in no time. Its efficient design allows for swift diamond testing, making it a valuable tool for both professionals and hobbyists.

The Dupeakya Diamond Tester is not limited to diamonds alone. It serves as an excellent tool kit for various gemstone examinations. Whether dealing with exposed or inlaid diamonds and gems, or even other jewellery and precious metal items, this versatile device can handle them all easily and accurately.

Another noteworthy feature of this diamond tester is the inclusion of voice instructions and audible sounds. When the lights are activated, the device emits distinct signals. This intelligent system aids in distinguishing between authentic gemstones and ordinary masonry, ensuring users can easily identify genuine diamonds from other simulated stones.

Practicality is a key aspect of the Dupeakya Diamond Tester’s design. The compact and portable electronic device can fit into any wallet or backpack, making it convenient for gem testing on the go. Its user-friendly operation allows anyone, regardless of expertise, to use the device effectively.

To achieve accurate results, users simply need to ensure that the tip of the tester is perpendicular to the test stone and then press the switch. This straightforward process yields precise readings, giving users the confidence they need when dealing with gemstone assessments.

 Summary:  Dupeakya Professional Diamond Tester is a valuable addition to gem enthusiasts’ and professionals’ toolkit. With its quick, precise, and safe diamond testing capabilities and ability to handle various gemstones and jewellery items, this portable electronic device is a reliable companion in the world of gemology. Whether you’re a jewellery expert, collector, or curious enthusiast, the Dupeakya Diamond Tester empowers you to make informed decisions and appreciate precious gemstones’ true beauty and authenticity.

Diamond Selector II : High Accuracy Professional Diamond Tester Pen Jeweler Tool for Novice and Expert

Diamond Selector II Review :

Step into the world of gem testing with the Diamond Selector II, a high-accuracy professional diamond tester pen perfect for both novices and experts alike. This remarkable tool is your key to easily distinguishing between genuine diamonds and imitations, providing you with quick, precise, and safe diamond testing.

Intuitive Design for Effortless Testing

The Diamond Selector II features an intuitive LCD display and LED indicator, making it a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a curious novice, this pen is designed to cater to all skill levels. With large and small switches for testing diamonds, you can easily adjust the settings to fit your needs. Plus, it emits audible sounds that effortlessly differentiate the readings, so you’ll always get accurate results.

You don’t need to be a professional to operate the Hqdz Diamond Tester Pen. Its user-friendly design allows anyone to get reliable results without any hassle. Turn on the Diamond Tester Pen detector, place the tip lightly on the gemstone, and let the magic unfold. If the stone is fake, crystal, or cubic zirconia, the tester won’t beep, giving you the confidence to identify genuine diamonds easily.

Reliable Performance without Breaking the Bank

Many users have found the Diamond Selector II a trustworthy companion in their gem testing journey. Its high accuracy ensures that it consistently tests positive for real diamonds. So, if your main goal is to identify diamonds without investing in an expensive tester, the Diamond Selector II is the perfect choice.

Whether you’re a gem enthusiast, a jewellery professional, or someone who simply wants to ensure the authenticity of their precious stones, the Diamond Selector II is the ideal tool for you. Embrace the world of gemology with confidence and let the Diamond Selector II unlock the secrets of your gemstone collection. Refrain from settling for uncertainty; rely on the accuracy and simplicity of the Diamond Selector II to make informed decisions and cherish the true beauty of genuine diamonds.

Types of Diamond Tester | How does a Diamond Tester Works ?

A diamond tester is a compact instrument differentiating genuine diamonds and imitations like cubic zirconia or moissanite. The primary methodologies employed by typical diamond testers are grounded in thermal and electrical conductivity principles.

There are primarily two types of diamond testers in everyday use: thermal and electrical conductivity testers.

  1. Thermal Conductivity Testers: The most common type of diamond tester is the thermal conductivity tester. These work on the principle that diamonds have high thermal conductivity, meaning they disperse heat rapidly. When the probe of the tester touches the stone, it measures how quickly heat moves away from the point of contact. Diamonds dissipate heat much faster than most other gemstones or materials, allowing these testers to identify them reliably.
  2. Electrical Conductivity Testers: These testers are designed to differentiate diamonds from moissanite. This gemstone shares a similar thermal conductivity to diamonds, thus often resulting in false-positive results with thermal testers. Moissanites and diamonds have very different electrical conductivity. So, electrical testers are used to make the distinction.

Both types of testers have their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, many modern testers use a combination of thermal and electrical conductivity testing to ensure accurate results.

Despite the efficacy of diamond testers, they do have some limitations. For instance, they can’t differentiate between natural and synthetic diamonds since both share the same physical and chemical properties. Other specialised instruments and expert gemological analysis are required for a more detailed analysis of a diamond’s quality, including its cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight (the Four Cs).

In operation, a diamond tester is typically simple to use. Depending on the model, the user places the probe on the stone and waits for the response, which could be a light signal, a sound, or a digital reading. Calibration is usually needed before use, and the testers often come with a piece of synthetic corundum for this purpose.

Whether you’re a professional jeweller or a casual buyer, a diamond tester is an invaluable tool for quickly and efficiently authenticating diamonds.

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