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HMJOY Diamond Tester, Hight Accuracy Jewelry Diamond Tester Review 2023

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Are you eager to unveil the true gems in your collection? Look no further! We are excited to introduce you HMJOY Diamond Tester pen, your trusty companion in identifying stunning diamonds and glass, sapphire, ruby, crystal, and agate. However, keep in mind that this little marvel won’t work its magic on metal.

Without any doubt we can say that “HMJOY Diamond Tester” is professional and perfect Diamond selector for experts and beginners. Undeniably one of the best Diamond tester under 20$.

Testing Made Effortless:

Testing a natural diamond is a breeze with the HMJOY Diamond Tester. Just watch as it beeps joyously, and its lights shine bright with a value of 9 or more when a genuine diamond is in its presence. But beware! When faced with a fake crystal like cubic zirconium (CZ), ordinary crystal, or mere glass, the tester stays silent, and its lights dip below 9.

Easy Setup, Fast & Safe Testing:

Initializing the HMJOY Diamond Tester is simple. Each time you switch it on, remember to set all 4 lights to illuminate on the scale. That way, you ensure accurate results every single time. Designed for quick, precise, and safe diamond testing, this tester poses no harm to your precious gems.

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Decoding the Lights:

Interpreting the results is as exciting as the test itself! Here’s the key to unlock the mystery:

  • Lights ≥ 9 with sounds: Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a true diamond!
  • Lights < 9 with no sounds: Alas, it’s not a diamond.
  • Lights 7 or 8: You’ve stumbled upon a genuine crystal.
  • Lights 6 or 7: Embrace the beauty of true jade.
  • Lights 4 or 5: Admire the glasswork.

Precautions to Take :

Before you embark on your diamond adventure, take a few precautions. Remember:

  • Say no to gloves, and give metal a break – this tester doesn’t mesh well with either.
  • Choose a calm day for your gem exploration, as windy conditions may not play nice with the results.
  • Keep the operating temperature between 10-35 degrees Celsius and humidity below 80% for optimal performance.

How to Use Diamond Tester ?

Ready to dive into the enchanting world of diamond testing? Here’s how you can use the HMJOY Diamond Tester to uncover the hidden gems in your collection:

  1. Get your hands on a 9V battery and insert it into the tester – a spark of life awaits!
  2. After your testing adventure, turn off the power to save the day (and the battery).
  3. Turn on the lights corresponding to the indoor temperature and diamond weight – the stage is set!
  4. If you’re unsure about the settings, set all four lights on the scale for a fail-safe option.
  5. Brace yourself for the moment of truth! Start testing your diamonds without adjusting any switches – it’s a smooth ride.
  6. Novices, don’t fret! Just set all four lights on the scale and enjoy the show.
  7. Experts, you can tailor your setup based on the current temperature, object size, and the helpful table on the back of the device.
  8. Remember, the equipment works its magic through temperature measurement and energy transfer, so ambient temperature and object size do matter.
  9. When testing, use the diamond discriminator probe to make 90-degree contact with the measured object and observe the captivating indicator light change.
  10. Apply a little force to halt the probe on the diamond surface and ensure full contact – let the beauty shine through!
  11. Didn’t get the result you hoped for? No worries! Repeat the second step and set your sights on the dazzling prize again.

Unravel the secrets of your gem collection and unearth the brilliance that lies within with the HMJOY Diamond Tester! Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery and fascination – a world where diamonds dazzle, crystals captivate, and jade enchants! Are you ready to embrace the allure of gemology? It’s time to find out with HMJOY Diamond Tester!

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