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Best Spray Paint for Rims & Wheels 2023

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There are a myriad of products that proclaim to provide the best choice for spray painting wheels and rims But do they really? If you are choosing a rim paint for use on your vehicle, there are numerous aspects you have to consider. This includes color selection and adhesion, cost and the condition that the paint is graded to.

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Find out more about the best spray paint to use on wheel and rims.

Best Spray Paint for Rims & Wheels 2023

PlastiKote (264-6PK) Black Truck Bed Liner

Plastikote is distinct from Plasti Dip So don’t mix the two!

The particular Plastikote product, which is available on Amazon is specifically designed for use on bed trucks However, that shouldn’t hinder you from trying it out on your wheelset.

Plastikote also produces an anti-slip coating specially designed for wheels, but it’s not available on Amazon currently.

Plastikote can give your wheels a an elegant look that you will not regret spraying onto the most luxurious vehicles.

Pros :

  • Offers a stylish and durable surface for the truck bed and wheels.
  • Six packs are sold in packs.
  • Non-skid finish


  • Texture/not smooth finish
  • Higher cost
  • This particular product is not intended for use on wheels.

Rust-Oleum 248927 High Performance Wheel Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum, a company that has been in existence for quite a while – 100 years to be precise! As a company it has adapted to changing times and created products that are based on the latest technological advances.

This premium automotive wheel spray paint is a stunning product, offering outstanding adhesion, a stunning finish and a long-lasting shield, as well as being reasonably priced. The Rust Oleum wheel paint differs from other options available because of its oil-based formulation that is extremely fast drying and takes less than 10 minutes to completely set. Because of this, you will not be waiting long between applying every coat.

After the Rust-Oleum paint is fully dried and dried, you’ll be left with a scratch-resistant as well as durable finish. This means that your freshly painted rims aren’t susceptible to getting scratches when stones fall on the road, or other accidents.

This paint will give you an extremely high-end, glossy finish. Unfortunately, there’s an issue with this product in that the paint is only available in just one hue, that of gunmetal that may not be what you’re after.

However paints are extremely adaptable, since it can be applied to nearly every metal surface in the automotive industry, and can provide the same quality. We do suggest using something more durable if planning to spray on your block engine, like a high heat enamel.


  • The oil-based formula is a corrosion and rust resistant formula
  • Ideal for use on hubcaps made of plastic, metal wheels and other parts of vehicles.
  • High shine, glossy and scratch-resistant finish
  • Pros :
  • Dries quickly
  • Stop the corrosion
  • Long-lasting
  • Sheen finish

Cons :

  • Color is primarily used to restorations since it’s a basic
  • Available only in one colour
  • It does not come with a plastic extension that can be used to reach difficult-to-reach locations.
  • You cannot change the spray tip.

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VHT SP187 Gloss Black Wheel Paint

High-performance wheel paint for an attractive wheel finish that will not be let down by the rain and dirt arrive.

Why VHT SP187 is so great? Perhaps because it’s a polyurethane paint that is able to withstand the abuse of high temperatures chemical, high temperatures, etc. so that your car’s wheels will always appear shiny.

If you’re looking for a high-gloss finish and a premium appearance that lasts for a long time, invest a few additional dollars with VHT SP187 in order to do the job properly.

VHT also produces an red paint container specifically for the purpose of painting brake calipers. It is specifically designed for aluminum and steel rims.


  • High-gloss finish available for aluminum and steel wheels.
  • Made from a tough polyurethane
  • It can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees F.


  • Price increases
  • There aren’t many color options

Plasti Dip Spray White

Plasti Dip makes a popular covering for rims that look ugly.

If you’ve got cheap chrome rims and would like to paint them a plain black or a new color, without spending a lot and without a lot of money, then this is the option for your needs.

We suggest this product as quick cosmetic fixes. It’s affordable, it’s efficient and low-risk.

Make sure to not apply pressure to this product using extreme force as it’s easily removed. Purchase Performix Plasti dip and try it on things other than your wheels.

Buy a container, multiple cans or purchase the Performix Plasti Dip Rim Kit.

  • Pros
  • Cost-effective option(especially with chrome wheels)
  • It covers up ugly rims
  • Easy to take off


  • Not the ideal solution
  • It’s easy to remove using the pressure washer.

Superwrap Sprayable Vinyl Wrap for Wheels & Accessories

Another product that can do the job of painting wheels, or other components such as calipers, mirrors, grilles, emblems, whatever you want to call it If it’s made of metal, the paint can be applied using SuperWrap.

One of the best things about SuperWrap is the ability to remove it if don’t love it, you can just take it off.

It’s simple to use and also simple to get rid of, meaning you don’t have to fret about the spray getting sprayed.

It is said to last about 2 years It’s the perfect solution to cover the wheels that are ugly with an edging of vinyl.

This is an excellent option to Plasti Dip, but it’s priced higher.

Be cautious when you wash your car with the power washer!


  • Affordable price
  • High-gloss Finish
  • Like the paint job of a powder coat
  • Cons
  • It is easy to get it off.
  • It’s not a solution that lasts forever.
  • Costlier than Plasti Dip

Faqs and Ultimate guide on Spray Paint for Rims :

What are the various types of Paint Spray For Wheels and Rims?

Metal-specific oil-based paints

Spray paints are available specifically designed for application to metal and are perfect to paint wheels. Rust-Oleum is one of the best examples of a paint specifically designed for metal that is perfect for painting your wheels.

It’s crucial to choose the right paint created for use on metal when painting your wheels.

Rubber Coatings

Rubber coatings, such as these Plasti Kit for Dip Wheels are a different option to alter the color of your wheels, as well as giving them a unique look.

Plastidip is attractive however, you should be cautious not to remove the rubber coating by using a pressure washer while cleaning your vehicle.

Textured and Epoxy Coatings

It is possible to put an textured coating such as Rhino Liner on your wheels to give them a more textured appearance. Rhino Liner is like a spray epoxy that you can apply to your wheels or truck bed, or in fact any other area of the vehicle to provide the vehicle a bit of extra protection from the elements.

Hey it doesn’t matter if the label states that it’s a bed coating for trucks isn’t a reason to not try it on your own wheels!


The VHT SP187 product line offers an extremely durable polyurethane coating for your wheels.

Polyurethane is a great option due to its greater gloss levels that is beautiful, and also stands up to the weather.

Sprayable Vinyl Wrap

Products such as SuperWrap are a great solution to paint your shoes onto your whip.

The benefit of Vinyl sprays is the fact that they are able to easily remove them after a time. They’re not technically an all-purpose solution for painting.

Coating Kit

There are a variety of kits available which include almost everything you’ll require to apply a coat on your rims or wheels. You can purchase kits such as that of the Performix Plasti Dip Rim Kit for everything you require to start.

Spray Paint that is Peelable Does It Really Matter?

We’ve talked about the best paints that you can apply spray-paint to your rims as well as wheels. There are several methods that are alternative methods to polish your wheels. One of the cheapest alternatives, even though it’s not as common is using spray paint that peels to refinish your wheels.

You may have heard about spray paint that is peelable under various different names, such as rubberized spray paint also known as “Plastidip”.

This type of paint is a type of coating that is semi-permanent and can be applied over the existing wheel paint color, without needing to sandblast or sand down prior to applying. The paint forms a tough layer once it is applied, which provides protection from the majority of common forms of abrasion and impacts. It also gives you the option of taking it off from time to time if you want to change the wheels or should you prefer to choose another color.

Additionally, it can be a bit challenging to use, especially in the event that you’ve not had experience with it. However, if you do apply too much the product, or apply it incorrectly or produce a splatter that is not yours after applying the product, you can ruin the workpiece. We suggest you try using the product prior to when you start using it on your wheel.

Although the paint is removable, it will take a while to get it off. The process of working with the product generally, requires lots of effort. You’ll need to demonstrate a certain amount of proficiency in painting your rims using rubberized paint.

What are the things to look out when choosing a spray Paint for Wheels?

What qualities should you consider when selecting a the right spray the paint on your wheels? If you’re painting a specific material there are some characteristics to be aware of. Mags wheels, rims, wheels or whatever you want to call them, are comprised of two components.

There are usually alloy rims on the latest models of cars older vehicles have steel rims. Therefore, you should choose the right paint with these materials or one that is specifically developed for use on the rims of cars.

After you’ve decided on the kind of paint you want to apply, you’ll be required to examine the colors offered by the paint’s range.

Paint your wheels will have you looking for a particular texture as well as a certain tone and appearance of the hue you pick. Therefore, finding the right proportion between the selection of colors available in a brand and adhesion qualities is essential, especially as you’ll be living with the choice for some time. Also, consider the type of finish you’ll get after you’ve applied the product.

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