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Best Splatter Ball Guns 2023

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As a fan of splat balls I have spent countless hours dedicated to research the top blasters available to buy.

Splatterball guns have become an extremely popular option for those seeking an adrenaline-inspiring, thrilling and fun sport. They shoot small, bright balls of paint that explode upon impact, creating the sensation of a splatter. They are suitable to play a variety of games such as paintball and outdoor games, and also to train police and military personnel. Splatterball guns come in a range of dimensions and styles, ranging including compact pistols and large powerful rifles. They’re easy to use and can provide hours of entertainment for children of all different ages.

Best Selling Splatter Ball Guns 2023

SplatRball SRB1200 Full Auto Rechargeable

The SplatRball SRB1200 is an powerful splat gun with the most power for those who are serious about splatter balls.

With its sleek appearance and durable build it will give you endless fun and excitement. The SRB1200 was designed to deliver an exciting experience for those looking for the most powerful and effective Splat gun. Its fast-fire abilities and its long range shooting makes it ideal for fights and games of competitive.

Alongside its amazing performance in addition to its incredible performance, it also has a remarkable performance. SRB1200 has a convenient magazine to load and a comfortable grip making it a great choice for both novice and veteran players. The gun is constructed of premium plastic that is able to withstand all the wear and tear that comes with daily use, so that you’ll have a reliable Splat gun for a long time to be.


  • Velocity: 1200 shots per minute
  • Range Up 100 to 100 feet
  • Ammo: Splatter balls that are filled with water.
  • Material Quality plastic


  • High-speed firing
  • Long-range shooting
  • Easy-to-load magazine
  • Comfortable grip

Large AKM-47 Gel Cool Ball Blaster with Drum and Sight

With shooting indexes of 60m/s, 200FPS and 100Ft, this gun offers powerful performance. It has two shooting modes which lets you select between single shot or completely automatic firing. The large drum can contain more than 1500 gel balls, allowing for endless shooting pleasure. The blaster’s 1:1 design gives it a real experience which makes it the best toy to own. The gel balls that come with it can be used by children safely and will not cause harm to objects. It is safe for children and won’t cause damage to objects. Multford Gel Ball Blaster is not just a wonderful present but is also a great outdoor game that promotes fitness and enthusiasm in kids.

AKM 47 Gel Cool Ball Blaster is an enormous gel ball splat toy which is a great toy for teens and adults 12 and up. This rechargeable blaster includes an eye and drum giving you an authentic shooting experience. With two shooting modes, players are able to choose between single shots and automatic firing, enhancing the game. The blaster comes with 40000 water beads that will last for a long time. Its AKM-47 Gel Cool Blaster great for fun battles with your other friends. It can also be an ideal complement to the gel blaster collection. Its sturdy construction and stylish design will surely impress. But, you must take care when handling it in order to avoid breaking.

Pros :

  • Large-sized
  • Double shooting modes
  • Rechargeable
  • Fun for teenagers and adults
  • Durable construction
  • Cons :
  • Breaks easily

Ferventoys Gel Ball Blaster

Ferventoys Gel Ball Blaster a thrilling outdoor shooting game that can take your shooting skills to the highest level. With its new engine, this blaster comes with an impressive gearbox and motor which results in a higher rate of firing and a higher FPS. It can now blast up to 60ft away, allowing you to target targets from a larger distance. The gel balls that are used in this blaster are secure and sustainable, since they’re made from over 85% water and completely evaporate once they hit their targets. This makes cleaning up easy and eliminates the need to gather up fragments of gel. It is the Ferventoys Gel Ball Blaster is the ideal gift idea for children, providing them with the intense pulse of a toy gun, while making sure they are safe. With its top-quality after-sales support and certificates it is safe to trust the reliability and longevity that this gun offers.

  • Pros :
  • New engine
  • Environmentally friendly and safe
  • Fun gift ideas for children


  • Gel balls explode easily

Electric Splatter Ball Blaster with 50000 Water Beads

Harringback Dual Storage Blaster a real-looking Splat gun with dual chambers to store ammunition for quick refilling. The realistic appearance is perfect for those who prefer an authentic experience while playing Splatterball games. Harringback Dual Storage Blaster Harringback Dual Storage Blaster offers the ability to reload quickly and adjustable sights that ensure you will be able to stay on the field and keep the accuracy in intense battles.

The splat gun is constructed of tough plastic, making it durable and a sturdy choice for players who love playing splatterball regularly. With its two chambers for storage, you can easily switch between different types of ammo or have more ammunition to use during games. The gun’s authentic appearance and performance make it a fantastic option for those who are looking for an splat gun that appears and feels just like the real thing.

Pros :

  • Two storage chambers for storage
  • Realistic design
  • Reloading system that is quick and easy to use
  • Visors with adjustable settings

Sockenear Gel Ball Blaster: Automatic G36 Blaster Toy with 50000 Water Beads

The Sockenear Blaster is an automated Splat gun that has drum magazine that allows the continuous firing of the gun without having to refill. This gun is ideal for intense and fast-paced fights because its automated firing mechanism guarantees that you will have the same level of shots at your adversaries. The shooting range provided by this gun Sockenear Blaster make it an ideal weapon for those who wish to take on the field from an extended distance.

The drum magazine of the Sockenear Blaster comes with a substantial capacity for ammo, meaning that you don’t have to stop and refill during your game. The splat guns are powered by batteries giving you steady performance and power during your splatterball battles. Made of durable plastic The Sockenear Blaster was designed to stand up to the demands of regular use and give you solid and durable splat gun for many years to be.


  • Drum magazine
  • Automatic firing
  • Long-range shooting
  • Battery-powered

Automatic Splatter Gel Ball Blaster Gun with Splat Gel Balls

Splatter Gel Blaster Blaster is an entirely automated foam blaster, with an adjustable battery that allows for fast installation. It is powered by an electric fully automatic 10-rounds per second and rechargeable battery speeds of up to 200 FPS. The hydrogel balls are easily submerged for up to 7-8mm, completely recharged and ready to begin. The blaster is recommended for people aged 14 or over which makes it a great present for Christmas, birthdays, New Year and other celebrations. With its speedy performance and simple use this Splatter Gel Ball Blaster is perfect for those who are looking to enjoy an exhilarating and thrilling game.

Pros :

  • Rapid shooting
  • Hard-hitting

Cons :

Battery life short

Faqs and Ultimate Guide on Choosing Best Splatter Ball Guns :

Things to Take into Account when choosing the right Splatter Ball Gun


When choosing a splatter ball weapon, quality is a must. Make sure to choose models made of solid materials that are able to withstand the rigors of play and regular use. Beware of guns that are fragile or are prone to break easily.

Accuracy and range

Take into consideration the range and accuracy of the Splatter ball gun. Find guns that are able to shoot splatter ball for a long distance without compromising the accuracy. This means you will be able to accurately hit your targets while playing the game.

Ammo Capacity

Make sure you know the ammo capacity on the splatter ball guns. A larger capacity means that you will be able to shoot more rounds without having to refill. Take note of how often you’ll need to reload your gun in play and select a gun that has the right capacity for ammo.

Safety Features

Check that the splatterball gun is fitted with the proper safety features. Choose guns with an easy-to-use safety lock, or trigger lock mechanism that can prevent accidental firing. Also, look for guns that have rounded edges, or foam padding to reduce the chance of injuries during play.

Easy to clean

Take into consideration how easy it is to clean the splatter gun. Consider guns that are removed from the gun or have parts that can be removed to make cleaning easy. This can help preserve the performance and longevity that the firearm provides.

What is a splatterball gun?

A splatter gun is a toy gun which shoots gel or water-based balls that explode when struck and create a splat-like effect. They are very popular for play at home and are utilized in games like paintball or airsoft.

Are splatter balls safe?

Yes, splatter guns generally are safe if utilized in a safe manner and with the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. The balls are made of soft material and are designed to break on collision, which reduces the chance of injuries. However, it’s essential to wear eye protection and adhere to the safety guidelines during games.

Do I need to use normal paintballs in a Splatter ball gun?

Regular paintballs cannot be used with gun splatter. Splatter ball guns were designed specifically for shooting gel-filled or water-filled Splatter balls, which are more soft and have different sizes compared to conventional paintballs.

What is the best way to clean up a Splatter ball gun?

For cleaning a splatter gun first, make sure that the gun is not loaded and is disconnected from the power source (if appropriate). Clean the exterior of the gun with a damp cloth, then make use of a cleaning brush or a soft cloth to take any remaining residue off the barrel and other internal components. Let the gun dry completely before reassembling it and taking it to storage.

Do I have to utilize a splatter gun inside?

Splatter ball guns are able to be played indoors, however it’s important to take care to ensure your safety. Protect any surfaces or objects that may get damaged from the spray, and ensure that there is enough space to play safely. It’s also recommended to designate play areas and establish limits to reduce the chance of injuries.

Do I require any special equipment or protection while playing with splatter gun splatter?

Although splatter ball guns can be considered safe for most people, it’s important to use eye protection to prevent any injuries. In addition the wearing of long sleeves as well as pants will aid in protecting the skin against direct impacts and also make cleanup easier.

Are there age limits for shooting splatter balls?

Some splatter balls may be restricted or age-related in accordance with their capabilities and power. Always read the guidelines of the manufacturer and make sure the gun is suited to users of the specified age. A parent’s supervision is required for kids.

How can I improve my accuracy using the help of a splatter gun?

The process of improving accuracy using a splatter gun takes time and practice. Keep a firm grip, using your aiming skill and controlling your breathing when shooting. As time passes, you’ll build the muscle memory that will help you become precise when shooting.

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