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Fykee Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review 2023

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Fykee Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review 2023

The Fykee Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a multi-functional and powerful tool for cleaning that will simplify your cleaning tasks to complete and efficient. The vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of characteristics that help it stand above other models.

One of the most important characteristics of this vacuum is its 2200mAh removable huge capacity battery. The battery offers protection against overheating and overvoltage and a running time of up to 35 mins cleaning your entire home on one charge. The vacuum cleaner comes with two suction settings and an effective filtration system with five stages which can remove 99.97 percent of micro-sized dust particles that are as tiny as 0.3 millimeters.

Its Fykee cordless vacuum cleaner also light and detachable which makes it easy to operate with just only one hand. It is able to easily remove curtains, sofa gaps and corners within your vehicle or at home without the burden of a cord tie. In addition, it comes with an LED floor brush with a rotating head that swivels 180deg to the side and 90deg up and down, which makes it mobile and flexible to clean.

The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with two accessories that can be used to help clean various areas of your house like your curtains, sofa and even your car. In addition, it comes with the benefit of a 12-month guarantee to provide you with peace of assurance. Should you ever have queries or concerns regarding the product, you can reach their customer support department.

Another benefit in this particular vacuum cleaner the cleaning dust filter as well as the washable one that can be cleaned and cleaned right away. It also has an option to reduce noise that lowers it to less than 75D, meaning you won’t have to worry about disrupting your work or sleeping.

The Fykee cordless vacuum cleaner comes with the ability to empty your waste with one click. This lets you quickly and efficiently eliminate the waste after you’re done cleaning. Also, it has an motorized floor brush with LED which will help you clean dark corners.

Overall overall, this Fykee Electric Vacuum Cleaner is an effective and flexible cleaning device that will make your cleaning more efficient and efficient.

Pros :

  • Light weight Vacuum Cleaner
  • Maneuverability
  • For stairs
  • High Suction power

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