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Makita vs Milwaukee : Which Tool Brand is Better & most Reliable ?

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It’s time to take stock it’s time to purchase or upgrade one of your equipment. It can be a daunting task to choose which brand to choose. Be assured, I’ve chosen two well-known power tool manufacturers, Makita vs Milwaukee, and they’ve been compared to assist you in making your choice.

Before we dive into specifics of technical specs, believe it’s helpful to have a bit of background knowledge about the various companies listed to make sure you know the person you’re buying from.

Makita vs Milwaukee – A History Lesson


Milwaukee was established around 1924, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The first item they produced was an 1/4″ hole shooter. Soon after they began producing grinders, sanders and many more.

The rise of Milwaukee as the most well-known brand in the world is attributable to the growth in manufacturing of the Second World War. Because of their unparalleled quality and long-lasting durability Milwaukee was the company that the U.S. Navy acquired all of its power tools from Milwaukee during the conflict.

Today, Milwaukee has production plants in China, Europe, and the United States. Milwaukee tools are utilized across nearly every construction site in America.

Milwaukee manufactures all of your favorite tools, from an easy tape measure to a tablesaw and everything between.

With a line-up of more than 500 tools and over 2,000 accessories They certainly have the tools you require. Milwaukee is predicted to make $5 billion of sales by 2020, which makes Milwaukee one of the world’s largest and most dependable makers of power tools.


Makita On the other side is an Japanese company that was founded in 1915, as an electric repair service.

Makita started out by fixing old generators and other electrical equipment. The company was founded in 1958 that they created their very first tool for power, an electric planer. In the following years, they have continued to expand and provide mid-price customers with top quality tools. But looking at Makita’s prices today they’re like Milwaukee!

Nowadays, they produce in eight different countries. Makita is well-known for its top-quality tools that are suitable for the average DIYer, homeowner or woodworker.

They manufacture all sorts of power tools, cordless tools and even gas-powered equipment, such as blowers, mowers and generators. In the year 2019, Makita raked in over 4 billion dollars of global sales.

Makita vs Milwaukee Warranty Comparison

Both companies provide some form of warranty for all of their tools for power, however they differ in terms of their warranties.

Makita offers a three-year warranty on their tools. No matter what tool you use the warranty is three years of warranty, and that’s all it takes.

While Milwaukee has a completely different approach to warranty. Every product sold by Milwaukee comes with various warranties, which range between a few months to a lifetime warranty. Visit their website to find the complete list of every product and the warranty they provide.

Additionally, Milwaukee offers lifetime warranties for manufacturing defects on all item they sell. This alone is the reason why Milwaukee is the top choice in the warranty department.

Makita vs Milwaukee Price Comparison

Milwaukee’s tools belong to the top-end category of tools. In recent times, Makita has been making efforts to be competitive in the same way as Milwaukee in the market and is making significant advancements. In the average Makita products will come in between 10 and 20% less expensive than those of Milwaukee’s range, but the above mentioned fact is that nowadays, they’re nearly identical, if not being more expensive.

This cost factor should not be the only thing you base the final decision about However. The most important thing is the person you are, the reason you require the tool and the method you’ll make use of it.

Durability – How Long Do They Last?

Milwaukee’s primary focus has always been to create the most durable and reliable tools from the very beginning of Milwaukee’s operations into 1924. This focus is what brought them a deal for Milwaukee’s United States Navy during WWII.

Their mission hasn’t changed from the present day. They still produce what is arguably one of the strongest tools available which makes them the most preferred tools for the majority of woodworkers and construction workers throughout the nation.

Makita however is primarily focused on creating high-quality tools at a reasonable cost. This makes them an excellent option for homeowners of all kinds however, they are less suitable when durability is a importance. Milwaukee tools are the most durable option from these two brands.

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